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History of our Name

The Dogue Native Americans were an Algonquian tribe that occupied villages along the Occoquan and Potomac River area during the early 1600s. This particular tribe thrived by hunting, fishing, planting beans, squash, tobacco and corn. We pop fresh popcorn for our guests to pay homage to the Dogue Indians. In the 1650s, the Occoquan river watershed was being settled by English colonists and the Dogue tribe began assimilating into other Algonquian tribes in the surrounding areas, primarily the Tauxenent tribe. Upon their first encounters, the English incorrectly translated the tribal name of “Tauxenent” first to Taux, then to Toags, Doeggs, Doegs then finally to Dogue. By 1681, the entire Dogue tribe mysteriously disappeared from the Occoquan area; however their legacy remains with us to this day. The word ‘Occoquan’ is derived from an Algonquian word in their dialect which translates to mean “at the end of the water.” Similarly, Dogue Creek was officially named after the Indian Tribe, in 1862, and is located in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Blu is the Italian spelling for the word ‘blue’. It is believed that the first European to set foot on Chesapeake Bay land, in 1524, was an Italian explorer named, Giovanni da Verrazano. Our name, Blu 1681, pays respect to the past occupants of this historic area, the Dogue Native Americans, while also honoring the Italian explorers that first came to the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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The Occoquan Harbour Marina is now the proud home of the best Contemporary American Fine Dining establishment on the banks of the Potomac River. BLU 1681 Waterfront Inspired Cuisine, with its grandiose riverside deck and its graciously appointed main dining room boasting views of the marina offers a unique experience right here in Woodbridge, Virginia. Conveniently located right at the Route 1 Bridge crossing from Prince William into Fairfax, offers a full service restaurant as well as banquet rooms for corporate and private events.

Our chefs have designed a stunning menu of Modern American Cuisine paired with delicious seafood American classics and scrumptious seafood offerings. Private banquets and corporate events can be custom tailored to your needs with both menu design, rentals and decor.

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